Affair vs. Entanglement

How to Untangle the Entangled. Welcome to AUGUST! The word for the past few weeks has definitely been ENTANGLEMENT. Pegged by Jada Pinkett-Smith herself. On the Red Table Talk she openly admitted to having an affair with singer August Alsina. When cornered about her relationship she referred to it as an “entanglement”. Memes have beenContinue reading “Affair vs. Entanglement”

Lowkey Insecure

*Spoiler Alert* for anyone who hasn’t seen Season 4 of Insecure! As I like to say “Don’t play in the recycle bin” because somethings are just meant to be thrown out. Insecure Season 4 was all about relationship woes. From romantic to business to even relationships surrounding family and friends. We have Molly and IssaContinue reading “Lowkey Insecure”