What is D.fineD?

de·​fine | di-ˈfīn

To determine or identify the essential qualities or meaning of.

What (or who) defines you?

That differs from person to person. The key is how can you help others to define who they are…

It goes back to the idea of 6 degrees of separation. Everyone everywhere is somehow connected. We are all one piece of a very big puzzle. And the more we work together to support one another the better the overall picture is. Simply put, empowered people should empower others. We should all lend a hand to help someone along the way because we didn’t get to where we are alone. And that’s why I’m here, to provide a safe space to discuss life’s obstacles and empower those around me to press forward in spite of. Life is already hard; add race/ethnicity, gender, status, sexual orientation and a slue of other identifiers and life seems to become even harder. So let’s unpack some of that!

Let’s blog about it!

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